Zac Scott

Software Engineer · Software Engineer · InPhySec Security ·

Drawing on my modern software engineering knowledge and past experience as a SOC analyst, I am dedicated to automating security outcomes, building new capabilities, and maximising efficiency.

I am an engaged, creative and quirky Software Engineer with 3 years industry experience in Software Development and Cyber Security. I have a strong passion for problem‑solving, Linux, mechanical keyboards, and automating things! Outside of the office I am an avid squash player and strive to go hiking in the ranges.


Security Engineer

InPhySec Security - Full-Time

In this position I have led the development focus for automation at InPhySec Security. I have applied my previous experience as a SOC analyst with my passion and knowledge as a software engineer to begin writing software and automation to aid the SOC in their activity.

Throughout my time in this position I have written a variety of automation, spanning from assisting detection triage, ingesting threat feeds, automating customer assurance reporting for our MSS technologies, integrating with our internal SIEM and SOAR, and writing ad hoc scripts to help with incident response gigs.

May 2022 - Present

Security Engineer

InPhySec Security - Part-Time
February 2021 - May 2022

Graduate Security Engineer

Xero - Full-Time

Rotated into the Asset Security pod focusing on uplifting the platform security at Xero. My individual contributions were around automating Docker deployments with AWS CodePipeline and developing Python software for vulnerability management and reporting.

February 2022 - May 2022

Security Intern Engineer

Xero - Internship

Internship as a security engineer in the Identity & Access security team at Xero. My focus was working on an internal project and initiative to govern access to platform applications using a new Okta instance as the single-source of truth IdP.

November 2020 - February 2021

Cyber Security Analyst

InPhySec Security - Part-Time

Security analyst at InPhySec helping provide our MSSP service to our customers. In this position I would triage detections and initiate threat hunting across our customers' Falcon EDR, Netskope CASB, and Vectra NDR environments.

January 2020 - November 2020

Web Regression Tester

EDMI Ltd. - Internship

Developed an automation regression test suite for a Web Application interacting with smart meters using Robot Framework and Python.

November 2019 - January 2020

Engineering Computer Science (ECS) Tutor

Victoria University of Wellington

Computer Science tutor for the courses COMP112 , COMP103 , XMUT103 (Marking Only)

February 2020 - October 2020


Mechanical Keyboard (Planck)

One hobby of mine has been to develop the perfect keyboard layout to suite my needs using QMK Firmware.

December 2019 - Present

Linux Dotfiles

Configuration files for the different software I run on my personal Linux devices

April 2020 - Present

Bus Sharp

Mobile / web app to track Metlink services around Wellington, written in React + Ionic.

July 2020 - September 2020

Regression Testing Suite

Developing an automated regression test for a web application dealing with smart meters using Python, Selenium and Robot with TeamCity integration.

November 2019 - January 2020

Chap's Challenge

A SWEN225 group project developing a modern take on the iconic Chip’s Challenge using Java Swing.
September 2019 - October 2019

Movie Database

A movie database server written in C++ for NWEN241 where a user can request movie information via another shell instance using a TCP connection.
September 2019

Soles for Syria

Google Drive link

A Bootstrap CSS website written for NGO organisation Soles for Syria.
September 2019

Many more projects can be seen at


Victoria University of Wellington

BE(Hons) Bachelor of Engineering
Software Engineering - Networked Applications

Grade Average A

Dean's List 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021

2018 - 2021


Favourite Languages
All Languages
Language Context Project
Python Industry InPhySec, Xero, Edmi Ltd.
TypeScript/JavaScript Industry, University Xero, BusSharp
Terraform Industry Xero
Robot Framework Industry Edmi. Ltd.
Java University Chaps Challenge
C/C++ University Movie Database, Planck
SQLite University INFO151
Bash/Fish Personal Dotfiles


Apart from software development, I also love to play with Linux. Researching into better programs and fiddling with my dotfiles. I also am a mechanical keyboard enthusiast, with a newfound love for small form factor and ortho-linear keyboards ( ).

I also am a big fan of the outdoors, when given the opportunity. I love to go hiking in the Tararua's and Ruahine's, as well as mountain biking at Makara and Polhill reserve.

Awards & Certifications

  • CCFR - Crowdstrike Certified Falcon Responder 2020

    CCFA - Crowdstrike Certified Falcon Administrator 2020
    Crowdstrike Falcon certificate program.

  • Datacom Systems Scholarship in Computer Science 2019

    Victoria Scholarship and Internship offer.

  • Outward Bound NZ scholarship recipient 2016

    Mind Body Soul.

  • Aspire Program Candidate 2016

    Six rotated placements at TradeMe HQ Wellington.

  • Young Enterprise Scheme (YES) 2016

    NGO Charity event Soles for Syria. 1st Place Manawatu / Wanganui regional Dragons Den.